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Influencer Engagement & Money Calculator for Instagram

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Due to Facebook restrictions, there may currently be waiting times.

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Viral content: Exclusive Influencer Calculator

100.000 follower and only 1% engagement? Fake! Check organic account (4-10% engagement under 1M, above 1.5-3% engagement). Did you know that?

  1. How much can I earn with Instagram?
  2. Increase your fans engagement with us
  3. Easy embed for WordPress, Typo3, Wix and many more
  4. Incredible content for your visitors and new traffic

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New in Store

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Influencer prices and costs according to likes, comments and engagement

Exclusive and only for selected press representatives, the Influencer Calculator! Viral content is worth gold. But how do you generate interest? Now free of charge for renowned media for embedding in articles. Millions of young people are advertising on their channels. Learn what Instagram and Influencer Marketing is all about.

Many do not know their own Instagram value or price. Many young Influencers are therefore selling too cheaply when agencies or firms are pounding for product placements. The Influencer Calculator gives everyone free and up-to-date rating to its channel. Calculated according to Likes, Comments and also the commitment of the fans. The commitment is calculated from the relationship of the comments and likes on the followers. In addition, there are powerful statistics, so that Influencer can even use the Calculator for their offers and customers.

Influencer marketing – the best agency

InfluencerFee.com: Quickly explained!

How exciting is that? Hardly anyone knows the value of his Instagram canal! Nevertheless, millions of young people worldwide are now using Instagram for brands and companies. After Youtube discover more and more brands Instagram stars for themselves.

The Influencer Calculator is easy to integrate into articles. Whether WordPress, Typo3 or others. Likewise, it is fast to embed into any website from HTML, for example, in landing pages. Thanks to the iframe, the Calculator always adapts itself individually to the higher-ranking Internet portal. On notebooks, desktops and on a mobile device, from Samsung to Apple! Easy access for all and without a single barrier. Everyone can join and calculate their own Instagram value!

This makes the Influencer Circulator so awesome. Anyone can instantly rate the value of their Instagram channel, anybody. Direct from your article.

Viral content for selected media partners

Many share their results on Facebook and in the Instagram Stories. This makes the Calculator exciting for small influencers and for large influencers! For viral content in the next article about Instagram Stars, the Influencer Calculator is the perfect feature.

Embed for blogs! Fancy content and returning users.

How much is an Instagram account worth?

Not only Influencer itself, also advertising agencies can not estimate the prices and costs for on Instagram exactly! Whether it is advertising onlineshops, small or large companies or even international brands, which come into contact with the topic of Influencer Marketing for the first time.

Influencer marketing has been around for quite some time, especially Youtuber have raised this phenomenon of product placement on social networks to a new level. Meanwhile, Instagram alone has 800 million registered users around the world, 15 million of which are from Germany. Thus over 20% of the Germans are on Instagram. Even much better, the target group is much more accurate, especially younger people between 2 pm and 30 years are registered here and use Instagram daily, more times. This makes advertising on Instagram channels so interesting to companies.

YouTube has hijacked the phenomenon of Influencer Marketing. Today, marketing is even more popular with video bloggers. The marketing strategy works. Anyone who wants to reach younger people in their lives without the usual advertising effects can do this with the content of the blogger very well and through features like the Stories even lasting. Instagram give an honest, authentic image and are idols for a whole generation. Almost one billion users, guarantee an excellent advertising effect. Here is Instagram and especially the Influencer Marketing, little developed. While you can calculate the prices and costs for a Youtuber relatively well, there is no assessment for Instagram. How much does an Instagram really cost? How much does an Instagram Star cost? How much can I earn as an influencer myself?

Negotiations with your first clients

Many young bloggers, on Instagram, there are many of them, get deals from young fashion companies, brands and companies. You then have to make the first offer, say how much your channel is worth. Of course, many Instagrams are still silent before a big puzzle. How much is my own channel worth? How much do I take for a posting? Whether it is for fun or for a complicated negotiation with a real customer, their own world and the calculation is very difficult for many at the beginning. Getting help here is helpful for many people!

Influencer: Help for the first prize negotiations

What does such a negotiation really look like?

Typically, companies send a text message, either via the “Direct Messages” on Instagram or via an email specified in the profile. E-mails are often easier, especially for complex projects in which attachments must also be sent, as well as initial agreements and confidentiality agreements, as well as Moodboards. For smaller projects, startups like to write directly via Instagram, which facilitates communication, especially with young bloggers who do not control their e-mailbox so frequently.

How many influencers are best written?

A request is always sent to multiple Instagram, as many respond too late and projects, often need to be implemented in the short term. If, for example, an influencer is sought, up to 10 are contacted. If you are looking for 10 influencers for a blogger event, you will be credited with up to 30, 40 different influencers. The later work with agencies is quite different from that of a blogger in the initial stage. As soon as you work with agencies, you will always come into contact with different contact partners. This results in much more complex projects. Many agencies also have time limits, so they need an answer as soon as possible, ideally within 24 hours.

Price per posting for Instagram Stars

How much would you have to pay for a single posting from Instagram Stars? The prices vary, of course, a little bit, for instance, by media presence outside of Instagram or by factors such as the re-sharing of photos by the brand itself.

  • Kim Kardashian/ Instagram per posting circa

Instagram stars and those who live from it

Many have become the dream influencer and to be able to live, to post photos and videos of beautiful places. Whether it’s the latest fashion items, the international brands, small regional companies, dream trips or even visits to restaurants, right in your own neighborhood. Instagram stars are the new actors and musicians, the new idols.

How many inquiries does an influencer get during the day?

The more followers a channel has, the more queries you get for granted. Influencer’s of a huge influencer or modeling agency get many requests. There are a few steps, from micro influencer to those bigger ones. Already from 5000 fans (5K) your channel becomes interesting for some companies and you get first cooperation requests. Understandably, larger bloggers therefore have little time to answer e-mails immediately. If you have over 50,000 followers (50K), you get up to 10 or 15 cooperation requests in one day. Here the good advertising campaigns from the less good to separate is already a great challenge. Many questions even for “samples”. Then you get only goods, no salary. Then comes the whole communication with the company. This can quickly overwhelm you as an influencer and therefore, time limits of 24 hours are often not met. Especially if you are traveling as an influencer and can send the e-mails only in the evening from the hotel. With 500,000 followers (500K) it is already up to 80, 90 requests a day.

If the companies then also demand specific offers, which of course you still have to write, you can also quickly reach your limits as a professional Instagram. Some have managers or agencies, but most do not. Everyone wants to know how much his seeming value, of course not only out of the blue sky, but calculated by smart algorithms. With statistics, meaningful diagrams and the most up-to-date ratios of your own channel.

You have done all these points, from the first request via a direct message to Instagram or an e-mail, the sorting of good requests and less good, the first response and the first feedback, as well as the detailed offer, with statistics and diagrams, it can start with the post!

How to become a blogger?

Anyone who wants to be introduced to Instagram should be young. Why? The users themselves are very young and therefore, for the sake of interest, are more likely to meet people who are older. The largest beneficiary group is under 24 years and over 12 years old. So if you are 18 or 19 years old, you can build a long range. With 24 years it can become more difficult. It would be perfect with 15 or 16 years.

Instagram is currently one of the top networks worldwide. Since it is not yet so overrun as e.g. Facebook, you can build relatively easily, organic (without the help of software and advertising). Also on YouTube, it will be more difficult to crack the millions. Meanwhile, there is some top Youtuber everyone knows. There are already a group of Youtuber over 100,000 fans and, of course, much more. The market is already very saturated.

So it’s worth looking at Instagram! Here are the young people who will follow you in the coming years. If you establish yourself as a blogger, you can quickly join fans behind you. For this, you do not even need any elaborate techniques, usually a simple smartphone with a good camera. In photos, you should always pay attention not too much to retouch here a little tip!

Instagram Photos edit, so it goes!

If you want to edit your photo extremely clean, that is, so you act naturally and are also attractive to customers – the more natural the better – you should only point to a few points:

  1. Brightness
    Rotate the brightness slightly upwards, by about 10 to 15%
  2. Warmth
    You take some heat out, about 5 to 10%
  3. Saturation
    You increase the saturation to about 8 to 12%

This keeps your photo extremely natural, is discreetly brightened and also adapted in the colors. Everything without an extra filter.

Instagram Stories for more content

Use the Instagram Stories. With Stories, you can offer your fans a much deeper insight into your life. Here, you do not have to pay attention so much that you have shot the perfect photo or have the perfect video capture for your followers. You do not need cuts or effects like slow motion or elaborate postprocessing. In the ideal case, you simply tell your life, in the morning when you get up, at lunch, in the evening and, of course, once again for the good night. At any time, you can publish a story and make your fans happy. The more you do, the more you become part of your life.

Influencer Marketing for startups, SMEs and international brands

Influencer – Man likes to be with you, has his products happy with them and is ready to pay for it. It does not depend on the size of the company. From the small sushi restaurant in the district, which invites well-known people from the area, to the most popular club in the city, over Germany-wide events and roadshows, with arrival, hotel overnight and everything else. All the way to the great, luxurious dream trips to the Maldives to white beaches. The dream does not have to be a dream! Anyone who can appreciate their own value and represent them against their potential customers with inquiries can live with it! It does not always depend on the absolute number of fans, but rather on the marketing and the own implementation. At the beginning with small offers, later with contracts and with all the big ones, with license agreements.

Samples, first jobs and advertising campaigns

If you get the first offers, it will usually be that you get free goods, in exchange for photos. Be aware that companies are making money with the sale of the garments afterward. Even if you are small, you should not let yourself be “taken out”. If you as Beauty Influencer e.g. still have under 5,000 fans, it is okay if you also sometimes apply a product for free if you are equipped accordingly. If you are a Make-Up Artist who has other Make-Up Artists in her list of fans who would probably buy the product more often, you should think about whether the posting should really be free!

Maybe you can get a little effort out of 50 €. It is best to calculate your Instagram value right here in the Calculator! If you start at an early stage, you can quickly gain experience and ideally still get a little more for you when you win new fans. So that sooner or later you will be adequately paid for your elaborate work on Instagram!

Influencer Agencies: Collaborate with managers and customers

For agencies, you should set up an e-mail address, not everyone likes to write about an Instagram Direct Messages. Why? Any social media manager of the agency with access can read offer with. Often campaigns are still secret. An e-mail can be sent directly to you, including various attachments, which, for example, for larger and more complex advertising campaigns. There it starts with different designs, which you, for example. show how a product will look like, to secrecy declarations. With an email address, you can also cleanly separate your customer and agency requests from fans. From about 5,000 fans you should definitely set up an e-mail address.

Purchased fans and social bots

Social bots liken, comment and follow other users

Nowadays there are of course some possibilities to optimize your own channel fans and followers. For one thing, there are social bots. Small software programs which do nothing else, except to resemble their own behavior on Instagram. The software acts as well as a human with “artificial fingers” the Instagram durchstöbert and distributed different Likes (more or less purposeful), sometimes comment a photo or video. Many follow and follow people also to create attention for themselves. The software takes this, not only 30 minutes a day but if you want 24 hours. As a result, some fans have already built up a lot more than they would have achieved through pure organic action. Social bots are therefore a possibility to push their own channel. The resulting fans, however, are real and also the comments and the likes of them. Therefore, one can not see bots as negatively as they are often viewed.

Targeted fans and likes buy for range

Anyone who specifically buys fans and likes for his own Instagram Channel will either push certain postings or artificially increase the value of the Instagram Channel. These are the two different ways. The one uses the bought Likes and comments to make the own channel look more valuable, others use bought followers and Likes around individual postings e.g. to get photos for single hashtags in the trendings. This allows you to reach new users and has more scope.

Warning signs for fake fans and bought likes

This is why the engagement rate is so important in the calculation of the calculator because it relates to the fans, the growth of the followers, and the likes and comments in relation. All this plays together and gives out the price for the influencer. For example, relatively few comments in relation to his fans might have bought a part. The commitment rate also differs naturally for smaller and larger channels. While initially a relatively high commitment rate to his postings, as one is new, and not yet seen, existing accounts and larger artists have over the million mark, a significantly lower commitment rate. Many then follow from familiarity, less from involvement.

All these aspects are included when it comes to calculating the price of influencer. Likewise for the basic decision, whether an Instagrammer is booked for the campaign or not. Jobs for Instagram does not exist like sand at sea, most companies want to place their products free of charge. Similarly, the prices in the different sectors are now different. While there is less in the fitness sector, there is much more to reach in the travel industry. Even micro influencers can make money, look at themselves, for example. the Make-Up Artist example from before, “Dog Blogger” (#petfluencer) or “Mommy Blogger”. They have a smaller target group, but a very high commitment and the trust of their fans. They also have less competition because they cover a specific topic. Thus, Instagram becomes ever more diverse and comes from the pure fashion and beauty world to a small, shorter YouTube universe.